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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Last day of class is tonight, 3 weeks off after that!

I am so ready to be done with school this term! Tonight is my final exam in Logistics Systems and immediately after that is my company Christmas party. I am tired after this 8 week term, moreso than most previous terms. I think it had to do with the instructors and their teaching methods more than the subject matter or the requirements.

Whatever the reason, I've made it through this term and I'm ready for a break. I managed an A in Purchasing Law and if tonight's final goes well, I'll manage the same grade in that class. Which means I'll be studying this afternoon.

My friend Karen has earned her Associates Degree as of last night's final exam! I happened to see her in the parking lot afterwards and got to hear the good news first hand. I'm really pleased for her. Congratulations again Karen!

I've still got a class or two that are required for my Associates and neither are on next term's schedule. I think I am down to 9 classes total for both my Bachelors and Associates degrees.

Anyway, there's a test tonight and then a party! Tomorrow I take the BSU to the airport for her trip to Oregon. Then Saturday it will be shopping and a birthday party for grandbaby Astin and perhaps a movie or two with son Noah. His actual last day of Job Corp is today, so he's been rather stressed this week. I think we will focus on the Christmas shopping this weekend and maybe sneak in some skiing if all the other tasks get done.

Then I'm resting. And practising on my dulcimer!

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